Mobile App Content Awards

In this category of awards, we wish to acknowledge the great content being produced and provided to the consumers by enterprises/agencies from various industry sectors specifically through their mobile applications

Content of any App which provides information and/or sale of Automobiles/Automobile related goods online.
Best use of Content in an App created by individuals, groups or companies for professional and business related topics.
Best use of Content in an Apps for charities and charitable organizations whose primary purpose is helping people or other worthy causes.
Best use of Content in an Apps that feature or review any type of consumer electronics, including computers, mobile devices, home audio/video equipment or other related electronic products. Sites created on behalf of a brand belong in the Advertising: Consumer Electronics & Services category.
Best use of Content in an App which in affiliation with other e-commerce/m-commerce/online marketplace businesses offer discounts, cashbacks, and/or other additional and exclusive deals for the end-customers on their online orders/purchases
Best use of Content in an App by a Retail brand or company (except Travel companies/agencies) which offers the facility of online purchase of its products
Best use of Content in App which offer the facility of online purchase of products exclusively from a particular category, industry, segment, or product line
Best use of Content in an App which provides educational courses, study materials, online certification, online training through webinars/webcasts, and/or information regarding educational courses, institutions, colleges, etc. and their affiliations, ranking and reviews
Best use of Content in an App which provides entertaining online content to the visitors in the form of music, movies, videos, games, etc.
Best use of Content in an Apps promoting specific events including concerts, fairs, festivals, sporting events, tours, or other events.
Content of Apps that feature personal style, clothing, design, and accessories. These include fashion and beauty editorial and style guide sites.
Best use of Content in an App which furnishes financial services and/or information including mobile banking, online stock trading, financial planning, financial portfolio management, investment policies and/or their comparison, utility bills management, expense management, financial news, mortgage information, credit cards and/or investor relations and services
Best use of Content in mobile apps devoted to the culinary world, including those that provide reviews, recipes, delivery, reservations, and information.
Best use of Content in an App featuring direct online gaming for individuals or multi-player. Includes games of any type including action, sports, fantasy, skill, or logic. Please enter branded or sponsored games in the Interactive Advertising Games/Applications category. Sites promoting, reviewing, and providing gaming resources should be entered in the Games-Related category
Best use of Content in an App that provide information on personal health and well-being. These include medical, alternative medicine, health and lifestyle, mental health, and fitness.
Best use of Content in an App which provides service(s) and/or information exclusively in any of the languages scheduled under the Indian local languages by the Constitution of India and/or any language recognized as official national language of any country across the globe .
Impactful content published on a video hosting platform such as Youtube, Dailymotion, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc.
Best use of Content in an App exclusively focused to the service of providing visitors with online news information, updates, discussions, debates, etc. in a seamless, exhaustive, and transparent way
Best use of Content in an App which acts as host to other businesses and/or individuals for posting and advertising their products/used products, services and offerings, and provides the visitors with a holistic list of businesses, products, and service providers for a particular category or a range of categories. It also includes Apps which allow online booking of services such as movies, restaurants, sports and events, etc.
Best use of Content in an App marketing or promoting the sale or rental of residential or commercial real estate, including real estate listings, brokers and brokerage services, real estate agents, and sites for developments, buildings or other real estate holdings.
Best use of Content in an App offering travel and/or stay services, arrangement facilities, and information. It includes Apps by Airlines, Road and Water Transport companies, Hotels and Resorts, Online Travel Agencies, Online Travel Marketplaces with/without comparison features, Destination, and Travel Service reviewers/bloggers offering purchase of tickets, hotel room bookings, vehicles for rent, car-pooling, vacation packages, travel writings, and/or travel tools

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